Psychic Readings
By Maya Britan
Psychic Medium Clairvoyant / Artist.
Assisting with Spiritual advise, mental clarity, emotional balance & physical well being.
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I am psychic clairvoyant, Clair-cognizance (clear knowing) and metaphysical developer of ancient tarot knowledge based on the Hebrew language. 
With over 25 Years of experience consulting people in all matters of life, I have combined my natural psychic and artistic skills in the creation of I Am ONE Tarot Deck of cards.
I use the I Am One tarot deck which is my own visual concept and spiritual initiative, for an in depth accurate and detailed reading.
I get right to it "no questions asked" as I realized that the less you tell me about yourself, the better I get to know you. I love working with the I Am One tarot cards, as it gives me a great tool to better understand each and everyone own unique life story.

Psychic Services

Email 2 Questions
The email option is for 2 questions in which I'll email you back with detailed answers. Please write the questions during payment checkout or email to:

If you are coming in person, you can pay after the reading at the artist's home studio in Brentwood, CA. 90025 (see direction at the footer).

Email Psychic Reading
Phone Psychic Reading
Reading on the phone or face time is just as good as an In Person where usually you will be shuffling the cards. When we are on the phone, I shuffle the cards for you while you will be thinking about yourself or any other person that is important to you. This way I get a fee of what is happening in your life.
During the reading, you'll get to ask as many questions as needed in regards to...any thing really. 
Love life, work, creativity, family, friends, career, destiny and paths of life.

30 Minutes Reading
Tarot Reading With Maya
The information that comes through during a psychic reading, is directly related to current events and special situations that are important to you. Sometimes psychic predictions are for the long term (up to 25 years or so) and other times it may be as short as 3 to 6 month. It differs from one individual reading to another. For the most, my reading is accurate and detailed and it covers past future and present events.

45 Minutes Tarot Reading DEAL